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New Map Retailer in Sudbury

We'd like to welcome Lure of the North to our family of Temagami Adventure Planning Map retailers! Owners Dave and Kielyn Marrone are based out of Sudbury. They specialize in traditional winter travel, crafts and skills. Check out their upcoming snowshoe camping trips, including the Chiniguchi/Donald loop, and Wolf Lake with winter ecologist and naturalist Dr. Gerard Courtin.

FOT calls on Ontario to protect endangered Temagami pines

Friends of Temagami recently joined with six organizations and two businesses to call on the Ontario government to protect Temagami's endangered old-growth pine forests, roadless wilderness, and sacred places like Spirit Rock at Chee-skon-abikong Lake. Will you send an email to the decision makers and urge them to increase protection in Temagami? Please click the link below.

Dan Trask and the green snake of Maple Mountain

Our friend Maureen Trask is Dan Trask's mother. In today's blog post she weaves a story of her son, green snakes and the sacred mountain Dan may have been headed toward when he disappeared two years ago.